Monstera Deliciosa - Care 101

Look out fiddle-leaf fig, there is a new household favourite in town.


The Monstera deliciosa (Swiss Cheese plant) possesses all the qualities that make a great house plant: easy to care for, luscious green colour, and stunning, unique leaves. Native to the jungles of Guatemala and Southern Mexico, caring for your Monstera is easy, as long as you know what you are doing. Check out our quick fire tips below.


Where should I position my Monstera?

With a jungle heritage, it comes as no surprise that Monstera thrive in a warm, humid environment, making them an ideal indoor plant in our QLD conditions.

Position your Monstera in a well lit spot in your house that gets a lot of filtered light. Avoid direct sunlight as the leaves can easily burn and allow plenty of room for it to grow.

Watering your Monstera

In these hotter months, make sure you are watering your Monstera weekly, or when the plant needs it. Overwatering is a common cause of Monstera deaths, so make sure you monitor the soil before each watering to make sure it absolutely needs it! You can do this be sticking your finger an inch or two into the soil. If it’s dry, give your Monstera a good soak. If it still feels damp, there is enough moisture for the plant.

As it starts to cool down, your Monstera may only need to be watered once every few weeks!

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Clean your Leaves

An important step to add to your plant care routine is to clean your leaves. Especially with larger leaved plants, it’s extremely important to remove any excess dust that is coating the leaves, as it will clog the pores of your plant (Stomata) that allow it to breath and absorb moisture.

With a damp cloth carefully polish your Monstera leaves once a week (or when it is needed).

Potting Up

When upgrading your Monstera deliciosa to a new home, plant it in well-draining soil in pot that has drainage holes, to help avoid root rot. In its natural environment, the Monstera is a climber, attaching itself to larger trees with its aerial roots, so it is important to provide it with a form a support: a stake or trellis.

Typically, your Monstera will need to be repotted every two years as it outgrows the pot. Transplanting to a larger pot will encourage growth.