Ants in your Plants

Please help! There are ants in my favourite house plants.
Here’s a few quick tips on how to get rid of them.
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Removing ants from your plants can be an ordeal, especially if they keep returning! Here are some key steps to take to help keep those ants marching one by one away from your plants.

Ants in my plants

Did you know that ants aren’t actually the ones that are damaging your plant? Instead, they are usually feeding on honeydew, the sweet, nutritious excrement of plant pests - aphids, scales and mealybugs. If you have ants in your plants they will actually work to protect plant pests from their natural enemies and inadvertently damage your plant, so make sure you get rid of them before too much harm is caused.

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Go on, Scram

To remove those pesky little ants, we recommend using a granular ant kill. Spread the recommended dose around the base of your pot plant and water it in thoroughly. This will not only kill all of the ants that are nesting inside your plant, but also any eggs as well. Remove any ants you see on the branches and leaves, and your plant should be ant free!

If you continue to see ants on your plant, it’s likely they have a nest near by. Have a look around for any trails of ants leading away from your pot plant and place some ant bait along them. The ants will think this is food and carry it back to their nest, helping to terminate the larger colony.