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999 Stanley Street, East Brisbane, Queensland, 4169

Located just 4km from the CBD, the Cottage Garden Nursery Centre offers a range of diverse and unique opportunities for you to lose yourself. Explore the beautiful Adrift clothing and gift shop, relax at the delicious and welcoming Smug Fig Cafe and select fresh flowers daily from Flowers By Serena.  The Cottage Garden Nursery will satisfy all of your gardening needs and provide not just a service, but an experience.


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999 Stanley Street, East Brisbane, QLD 4169


Open 7 Days

Monday  to Saturday - 8:00am to 4:30pm
Sunday - 8:00 am to 4:00pm

3891 7999


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Plant of the Week

Summer Scent (Radermachera)

Summer Scent is an ideal screening option for any garden and loves the conditions of South East Queensland. As the name suggests, it has beautiful, fragrant flowers. If in the right conditions, these plants are fast growers and can reach up to 4m high and 3m wide.

Plant Care:

  1. Position in full sun or part shade.

  2. Once established, it can survive drought periods, however make sure to water thoroughly and regularly when first planted.

  3. Prune your Summer Scent to encourage dense growth.

  4. Plant in well-draining soil

Summer Scent (Radermachera)
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